JOY Shreyas

Nickname(s): Chef, Shrey Shrey, SJAIR, Captain “ please give me free business class tickets when you become a pilot” Joy, 

Nationality : International. Indian by birth.

Favourite Catchphrase/saying: What’s up my driller |That sounds like a personal problem | Game. Game. Game | Are you ready for the [ Insert Subject ] test? | Bro, (Followed by any sentence)

Favourite Class: Art [Lower Secondary] Geography [Form 4 & 5] Business [L/U 6]

Favourite Form : Form 3. Blissful madness.

Favourite staff member: Monsieur Abloso, Mr. Ewusie and the entire IT department

Favourite spot: The Common room (during non-peak hours when students aren’t acting all bonkers)

Most embarrassing moment: Recalling how much of a headache I was to my teachers and friends in the Junior School and the time in form 3 when I offered a friend a MASSIVE compensation of ONE cedi after accidentally whacking them with the full force of a spinning fidget spinner.

Four words that describe you: I am Shreyas Joy

Your GIS experience in one word: Turbulent

Best GIS memories: Countless memories were made along the way. From being the MC for initiation and hiding from the Upper Sixers in form one, the bottle flip championships in form two, the exciting geography trips (chances the first and second) and jamming to “The Longest Time” by Billy Joel with the SJD crew in form three, being on the swim team in form four, playing UNO by the poolside in form five and prefectship in lower six.

Where you think you will be 10 years from now: Exploring the world and soaring the skies, commanding the Dreamliner and living the dream.

That One person who inspired you during your time in GIS: WE ARE YOUR INSPIRATION!!! – Khushk and Sam wrote this (Lies) (jk). Though, shout-out to Monsieur Abloso. He was a major morale booster, and it will be really difficult to forget his vibrant charm and jovial nature.     

Best lesson GIS taught you: ”Whatever happens, Life. Goes. On”

What you want to be remembered for at GIS: Being a “Joy” to be around

Greatest achievement while at GIS: | Honour roll | GISMUN Best Delegate | Swimming Gold Medalist | GIS newsletter artist and auditorium concept designer: are today’s featured ESPY achievement highlights of captain chef SJ, brought to you by ESPN.

Best advice while at GIS and who gave it? : “Don’t rush through” – Ms. Codjoe

What you will tell your 13-year-old self knowing what you know now: Tough time never lasts. Only tough people last. – famous saying of Mr. Demi Demi

A song that best describes your entire GIS experience: OneRepublic – Kids

Any last words: CUT! That’s a wrap for Season One, good show guys ! Season Two episode one rolling, film check, sound check, Lights, Camera, Action!

Social media/contact information: The Gram: sjair_   but you can Google me in a few years.


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