GAMBRAH Kwabena Nyameaama

Nickname(s): Nyame, conners, amaaemayn, Bakeshop classics™️

Nationality: Ghanaian 

Favourite Catchphrase/saying: Clear, how far away are the stars

Favourite Class: IT with Mr Golightly and Mr Domfeh

Favourite Form: L6

Favourite staff member: Mr Abloso, Mrs Vanderpuije

Favourite spot: French Department, Bleachers, Assembly hall, SENCO, Multipurpose court

Most embarrassing moment: Accidentally calling my teacher “mummy”

Four words that describe you: Simple, Tech-Savvy, Bougie, Space

Your GIS experience in one word: Different

Best GIS memories: POG in the NASA chat, Chances 1 & 2, Sign Language with Jesse and Oye, Sitting in business with Abooh, Assembly hall with Sam and Raj 🙂

Where you think you will be 10 years from now: Broke with benefits (if it goes well)

That one person who inspired you during your time GIS: Mr Abloso

Best lesson GIS taught you: Non-current liabilities

What you want to be remembered for at GIS: Coming a long way 

Greatest achievement while at GIS: Completed an entire sponsored walk

Best advice while at GIS and who gave it? : The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell- Jesse Mahama

What you will tell your 13-year-old self knowing what you know now: Have fun while it lasts.

A song that best describes your entire GIS experience: Beauty School Dropout

Any last words: GIS will always be my home and I truly appreciate my time at such a great school.

Social media/contact information: n_gambrah(snapchat), ny_gambrah65(instagram)

Olivia LecossonGAMBRAH Kwabena Nyameaama

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