We Made It Through Our First Week

We made it through our first week, staggering our pupils gradually onto the Primary School Campus under strict safety protocols and supervision. A big thank you to our Infant and Junior School VPs, Teachers, Administrators,  Security Staff, Parents and everyone for working together as a team to make this happen. Well done!

Security staff working hand in hand with parents on arrival to manage both drop-offs/pick-ups.

After a year of not being on campus, Parents were able to assure their children that everything was and is going to be fine. Primary School Nurses (Mrs. Alberta Hayford (L) and Mrs. Massah Awandare (R) were also available for the morning routine checks

Junior School VP-Ms. Nadia Bruce-Muller welcoming pupils back to school after a year of virtual learning.

Infant School VP, Mrs. Donna Gordon Apeagyei walks students through the Primary School gate

Teachers supervise as socially distanced students patiently waiting for their turn to wash their hands before they get into their classrooms


Teachers on standby to ensure that everything goes smoothly

Mr. Richard Agbettoh ( Security & Safety Assurance Manager) with his team ensures that drop offs and pickups are done swiftly and effectively to avoid traffic.

Mrs Alberta Hayford (School Nurse) along with other Primary School nurses make sure that every child who walks in has their temperature checked.

Pupils are excited to finally be in school.

Pupils all geared up and ready to learn and enjoy a safe learning environment.

Olivia LecossonWe Made It Through Our First Week

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