Leadership Day

On 3rd March 2018, Lower Secondary Students of GIS participated in the 5th edition of Leadership Day. This is an annual event, where experts meet with selected students and staff in an interactive setting. The programme is specifically designed for Form 2 Students to equip them with the necessary skills required to take up leadership roles in Form 3. During the event, students were inculcated with the knowledge and skills needed to promote cultural diversity, human rights and gender equality. The theme for this year’s Leadership Day was: “Influence: Be the Role Model!”

On arrival at the Legon Botanical Gardens, Ms. Abbeyquaye (Lower Secondary School Vice Principal) welcomed students and reiterated the reason for the day’s event. After which the Keynote speaker Dr. Tandoh shared his experiences and talked about the importance of responsibility and having the right attitude as students. He also urged them not to use social media platforms negatively and encouraged them to exude positive influence and work towards becoming great role models in society.

Mrs. Gillian Hammah, Chief Marketing Officer of Databank Group and one of our many proud sponsors spoke to students about financial leadership. Students were quick to learn the benefits of investing compared to just saving.

Students and staff went on to engage each other in fun learning activities such as a presentation on leadership traits, three-legged race, hula hoop, sack race, lime and spoon, spaghetti tower and building blocks.

At the end of the exercise students were equipped with 21st Century leadership and effective communication skills as well as ethical decision making abilities. They learnt the importance of influencing others positively. Students were also awarded with certificates of participation.

It was an awesome day for both students and staff who participated in this year’s event. We say congratulations to all our students and we wish them well as they take on leadership positions in the near future. #Influence#BeTheRoleModel #LeadershipDay

‍Confident students in a presentation on leadership traits

‍Dr. Tandoh talks to students about doing the right thing to influence society positively.

Mrs. Gillian Hammah, Chief Marketing Officer of Databank Group gets a positive reaction from students after she tells them about the benefits associated with investing money wisely.

‍Students engaged in a block building activity.

The lime and spoon competition got students cheering on and encouraging each other.

A Lower Secondary Student receives her certificate of participation from Dr. Tandoh

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