GIS Principal receives distinguished Klingenstein School Heads Fellowship

Dr. Mary Ashun, Principal of Ghana International School (GIS), has been awarded a Klingenstein School Heads Fellowship at the Teacher’s College, Columbia University,USA. This honorary award established in 1991, is presented to only twenty heads of schools from around the world each year.  GIS is proud to have Dr. Ashun as the only West African and specifically Ghanaian School head to be honoured with this distinguished award.

The fully funded, two-week program is designed to provide independent and international school heads the opportunity to focus on research, moral leadership and current issues in education. It requires all participating heads to complete two research projects: one project focuses on a problem of practice in their professional lives while the other, a collaborative project, focuses on improving the quality of education throughout the world.

Participants also visit a variety of New York City schools to explore current educational trends. This remarkable experience equips them with a renewed vision and a solid network of school heads.

In Dr. Ashun’s own words: “I look forward to returning to GIS with even more vigour to share all the new insights I have gained!”

Ayekoo Dr. Ashun!!!

FeliciaGIS Principal receives distinguished Klingenstein School Heads Fellowship

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