GIS Celebrates Valentine’s Day in Style

Today, the HR Team reached out to show appreciation to all Staff with chocolate bites and lots & lots & lots of FREE airtime for all mobile networks.

To make participation exciting, Staff were required to show up at work dressed in any outfit with a touch of RED.The next thing was for them to have super amazing FAST FINGERS for the already scratched card pins which were sent via email and text messages. At scheduled break times Staff received text messages which read “ Fast fingers, the time is now! Recharge your phone credit!   Ready! Steady! Go!

Many of them were delighted to have won. It was such a fun galore! The team also  took the opportunity to let staff know how much they are appreciated for all their hard work. At GIS, not only do we Work, Teach and Inspire, we have fun!

A special Thank you to the HR Team for this splendid initiative and for making today amazing. Happy Valentines Day to Everyone!

Meet our GIS HR Team from left; Mr. Roger Osei Poku, Mrs. Sante Andah, Mrs. Annette Essel and Mrs. Agnes Mensah

Mrs. Massah Awandare, Head of Health and Wellness Department (Primary School) one of our many proud winners‍

HR Team with Primary School Children

From left; Mrs. Dorah Baah ( Junior School Assistant Vice Principal), Ms. Bruce Muller (Vice-Principal, Junior School), Mrs. Andah (HR. Manager) and Mrs. Sonekan (Ag. IT Manager)

HR Team showing appreciation to Mr. Richard Korsah from our Security Department.‍

Primary School Children expressing valentine’s day through their tiny heart shaped fingers‍

Ayekoo to our wonderful gardeners who always ensure that our compounds look good

Infant School Teachers with our HR Team

All our amazing Secondary School Teachers were not left out. The Team showed lots of appreciation and love to them for all their hard work.From left, Mrs. Sante Andah HR Manager, with Mrs. Carol Odamtten and Mrs.Juliette Vanderpuje (Secondary School Literature Teachers) as well as Mr. Roger Osei Poku from the HR Department.‍

FeliciaGIS Celebrates Valentine’s Day in Style

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