Charlotte Acquaye is Principal of GIS for a day

Congratulations to the GIS Community on raising funds for not just one corrective surgery but two!!!  We are so proud of the efforts of staff, parents, and students.

One of the activities to support the drive to raise funds for corrective heart surgery for eleven-year-old Jessica Nkansah, was for students to bid to be Principal for a day. Led by Dr. Pierre & the Counseling Department along with Mrs. Ocansey, students bid for the privilege of being Principal for a day.

Form 1 student, Ms. Charlotte Acquaye won the bid and therefore spent Thursday 12th December as Dr. Charlotte Acquaye, Principal of GIS!

Dr. Mary Ashun, Principal of GIS with Ms. Charlotte Acquaye (aka Dr Acquaye)

Upon embracing the role, Dr. Charlotte Acquaye is simply ecstatic!

Oh My Goodness! I cannot believe this!

Some very important emails have to be sent before the close of the day!

At the end of the day, Dr. Acquaye is glad to be handing over to Dr. Ashun!

Olivia LecossonCharlotte Acquaye is Principal of GIS for a day

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