Alumni visit

We are excited to have our Alumni visit us tomorrow 29th March 2018 at the GIS Secondary School Assembly Hall. We look forward to welcoming and hearing them speak to Students about their real life experiences after GIS.

The Alumni-Led Career Panel will include; Mariam Agyeman-Buahin -03( Brands & Marketing field), Dr. Zenator Rawlings -97 (Medicine & Politics), Nour Ghaddar -12 (Community Engagement), Geena Malkani -92 (Business Development), Dr. Kwadwo Obeng -03 (Psychiatry) and Lana Captan Ghandour -92 ( International Affairs/ Entrepreneur).

This event has been made possible by the GIS Guidance and Counselling Department in collaboration with the GIS Alumni Association. We say a big thank you for this initiative as we look forward to an educative and insightful discussion. #PracticalLearning  #InteractiveSession

FeliciaAlumni visit

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