2019 SMIT Fair Launched

On 26th March 2018, GIS launched its 4th Science, Mathematics and Information Technology (SMIT) Fair. The theme for this year’s fair is ”Influencing Our Communities Through Innovation: “From Concept to Impact”.

The purpose of the Science Fair is to provide a focus for Students to apply the skills and concepts they have learned in specific subjects such as Science, Mathematics, Reading, Writing, and Information Communication Technology in a conducive creative environment.At the end of the fair, students would have learned to develop and acquire important skills such as Self-reliance, Self-confidence and Organizational techniques. #GhaIntSchSMITFair

Mr. Wuver, Chairman for the GIS SMIT Fair speaks to students about the fair

GIS Secondary Students delighted to hear about the upcoming SMIT Fair.

Felicia2019 SMIT Fair Launched

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