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Miss. Bianca Amoabeng of Ghana International School (GIS) wins Gold at 2017 International Science Expo for Young Scientists
Miss. Bianca Amoabeng an Upper Sixth form student of Ghana International School‍

Miss. Bianca Amoabeng an Upper Sixth form student of Ghana International School won Gold at this year's International Science Expo held in Boksburg, South Africa. The event for Young Scientists, was held from the 3rd to the 6th of October 2017 with two Ghanaian representatives, Bianca Amoabeng and Kyle Amoah making them the only non-South African team to be adjudged the best in the Computer science category.

Bianca was selected as one of the top science students from across Africa to showcase her summer research projects. She had won the national event earlier and was competitively selected by Intel West Africa to make a presentation at the Pan African finals in South Africa.

Bianca’s Gold recognition in the Computer Science category was based on her investigating Machine Learning Methods in Healthcare Diagnostics with a special focus on early detection and diagnosis of Cancer. In her research, she used “ Python Coding” to create a program which took in images from a mammogram and detected whether the patient had breast cancer or not.

In an interview with Miss Amoabeng, she said “The focus of the research was to be able to diagnose breast cancer from mammograms faster than the average doctor. She mentioned that recent research findings from the World Health Organization indicates that doctor to patient ratio for non African countries is 1:600 whereas in Africa it’s 1:13,000 making it more difficult for doctors to obtain quicker patient diagnosis for better treatment.”

We at Ghana International School are excited about Bianca’s achievements and are confident that this experience makes the beginning of even more innovative ideas to come. We believe that her research in this field will one day be a determining factor in saving millions of lives around the world.

We say well done Bianca! You did us all proud and we celebrate you!

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