Roni Edwin wins Ghana’s First IMO Bronze Medal

Master Roni Edwin, an Upper 6th Form Student of Ghana International School made the headlines this week by being the first Ghanaian to win an IMO (International Mathematical Olympiad) bronze medal.
He had the highest score in the whole of Africa, an achievement worth mentioning.
In 2019 he won an award (Honourable Mention) at the UK International Mathematical Olympiad. Roni Edwin was also the youngest winner of the Ghana Math Olympiad at age 13 in 2017 and went on to tie first place on the Geometry Exam with a perfect score.
He was the overall winner of the Ghana Math Olympiad 2018 and 2019 becoming the only student to win the competition back to back. No wonder he made an impression at the World stage.
Held in St Petersburg, Russia, this year’s International Mathematical Olympiad had 105 countries represented by 616 contestants with our very own Roni Edwin making us proud with an impressive score and performance.
Congratulations to Roni Edwin! Ayekoo!!!

Master Roni Edwin

Olivia LecossonRoni Edwin wins Ghana’s First IMO Bronze Medal

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