AMISSAH Nana Archynn  

Nickname(s): Archy

Nationality: Ghanaian

Favourite Catchphrase/saying: “That’s why you’re still single”

Favourite Class: Sociology

Favourite Form: Form 5

Favourite staff member: Mr Baffoe

Favourite spot: Common room

Most embarrassing moment: Made a mistake while reading at assembly

Four words that describe you: Caring, funny, entertaining and amazing

Your GIS experience in one word: Wow

Best GIS memories: playing dumb games like Zanzama, Jamz, the blue shirt, winning funniest three years in a row and prefectship drama

Where you think you will be 10 years from now: Somewhere making enough money to take care of my wife and kids

That One person who inspired you during your time GIS: Mr Ako

Best lesson GIS taught you: Believe in yourself and you can achieve your goals 

What you want to be remembered for at GIS: Being able to make people’s GIS experiences better 

Greatest achievement while at GIS: Probably becoming assembly prefect because I wanted it since form 4 / being valedictorian 

Best advice while at GIS and who gave it? : “You have the potential to do extremely well if you apply yourself more” by every teacher that has taught me

What you will tell your 13-year-old self knowing what you know now: Life is hard but you’re always harder bro.

A song that best describes your entire GIS experience: No Mercy by Ghetts

Any last words: I would like to thank the teachers and my form members for everything they’ve done for me. Special shout out to Kwajo, Black Sean, Nhyira, David, Russell, Hanin, Hanan, Paige, Brianna, Key and so many others for making GIS a nicer environment for me. I love you all.

Social media/contact information

Snapchat: A_rchynn

Twitter: ArchynnnAmissah


Olivia LecossonAMISSAH Nana Archynn  

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