Welcome back to school!

This year, we are returning to school to do what we do best: teach so that children learn to be the best version of themselves. It’s been an eventful first week of school so far and we say a very warm welcome once again to our new and existing families, staff members and our entire GIS Community.

Our theme for this year is to “Be disciplined”.
Therefore, let’s continue to adhere to all our COVID-19 safely protocols in order to keep each other safe, well, and alive. Our collective efforts will be critical to a successful school year.
Wishing everyone a productive and blissful school year!

Secondary School Students safely masked up at our Monday morning assembly.

A big thank you to our entire Security Team for doing what they do best in order to keep everyone safe! Ayekooo!!!!

Vice Principal for Junior School, Ms. Nadia Bruce-Muller welcomes parents and pupils back to school

Infant School Pupils excited to be back in School

Parents dropping off pupils while adhering to all our safety protocols

Something as simple as washing your hands under running for water for 20 seconds can save lives

Olivia LecossonWelcome back to school!

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