Tree planting exercise at La Wireless Junior High School

To commence the Leadership Day event that is organised annually at GIS, to inculcate leadership qualities into form-two students before they take-up leadership roles in form three, a tree planting exercise was embarked upon at the premises of La-Wireless Cluster of Schools.

The exercise which seeks to help curb global warming, was also to help control erosion on the school compound, provide atmospheric oxygen to the school community and also serve as a shade for students to relax and study at leisure times.

A total of forty GIS students and some staff members in partnership with thirty La-Wireless JHS students on Wednesday 28th, February 2018, planted different species of trees.This is in line with our educational objectives and strategic goal to encourage students’ participation in the community through service. #GhaIntSchCares #GiveBackToSociety

Selected Staff and students of GIS with some students and staff of La Wireless Junior High School after the tree planting exercise.

Students from GIS and La Wireless Cluster of School all working together to plant trees

Students of GIS also the opportunity to interact with students of La Wireless Cluster of Schools.

FeliciaTree planting exercise at La Wireless Junior High School

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