Student Life

Our Prefects in both Primary and Secondary serve as a monitoring body and are elected by their peers after a campaign period. Elections take place towards the middle of the second term and prefects serve for a period of one year.

The Student Representative Council (SRC) is responsible for organising events such as school parties, debates, quizzes and musical programmes held outside of school hours. It is also a forum for student discussions on matters affecting their welfare and progress at school.

This GIS tradition is organised by the prefects in late September. It takes varying forms from year to year but the aim is to foster School Spirit.

The Yearbook, published once a year towards the end of the third term, serves as a chronicle of the year’s events and contains pictures of all students and staff.

Our ‘Shinaa’ program is an intentional approach to engaging students with their community. Our students participate in volunteering activities, reflect on the experience and are encouraged by their pastoral care tutors to lead in these acts of service.

Through the SRC, students organize parties that are supervised by teachers. Other evening events include debates, general knowledge quizzes and film shows. These normally end by 9.30 p.m.

The school encourages the production of musical shows and plays. The main annual evening events are a variety Show in aid of charity, and a drama production by the Drama Club and a musical performance staged at the National Theatre.

The Sponsored Walk is an annual fundraising event organised by the Parent Teacher Association. The walk covers a distance of approximately fifteen kilometres. Prior to the walk, Walkers get sponsors to pledge money for their efforts. Students, Staff, Parents, Alumni, Donors and the public take part in this event, which normally attracts over 400 participants. Proceeds go to support the school and a local hospital for patients with mental health challenges.

The annual Sports Day is held during Term 2 at the El-Wak Stadium where the different houses compete in track and field events. All students are expected to attend even if they are not in any events in order to cheer on their houses. Parents and alumni are invited as spectators.

The Prom is a formal dinner-dance held soon after the Speech, Prize- Giving and Sixth Form Graduation Day for Upper Six students.

This is a party organized by Form Five Students with Staff supervision. It is usually held after the IGCSE examinations on the school compound.

This is a party organized by parents and staff for graduating students from year 6. It is usually held after exams and on the school compound.

This event is an opportunity to celebrate and reward the achievements of all students from Year 3 through U6 with the Junior Section holding its ceremony separately from the Secondary.

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