GIS Meets $8000 Target For Daniel Nii Ayi Aryee’s Heart Surgery

Congratulations GIS, we did it!

By grace, we have given the gift of life to Daniel Nii Ayi Aryee and now he will have his life-saving surgery!  A very big thank you to our entire GIS Community, who contributed in diverse ways to make this possible. Every contribution, no matter how small, always goes a long way.

A special thank you to our Infant and Junior School pupils who went the extra mile to create beautiful get well soon, cards, filled with tons of hearty best wishes for Daniel. 

To our ever dynamic Secondary School students who organized “Have A Heart Week” to raise funds for Daniel, we say Ayekoo!!! Well done! We could not have done this without each other.

Finally, to The children’s Heart Foundation Ghana, we cherish our partnership and we look forward to many more life-saving opportunities with you.

What a way to kick start this festive season.

Let us continue to make an impact in our communities through diverse acts of kindness. 

Dr. Mary Ashun, Principal of GIS welcomes Staff, Parents, Teachers and Students at a special Junior School Assembly to congratulate everyone who contributed in one way or the other to give the gift of life to little Daniel.

Primary School Pupils present beautiful get well soon, cards which they designed and filled with tons of hearty best wishes for Daniel

Dr. Mary Ashun presents a cheque of $8,000 on behalf of the entire GIS Community to Mr. Aryee, Daniel’s father and beneficiary.

Representatives from the Children’s Heart Foundation, Ghana (CHFG), express their profound gratitude to GIS for being supportive over the years. L-R; Mrs. Karen Hendrickson (Marketing & P.R. Director -CHFG), Mrs. Jacqui Ahomka-Lindsay (President & Fundraiser -CHFG), Dr. Mary Ashun (Principal-GIS) and Mrs Doris Asimeng (Junior School, Vice Principal Assistant)

Back Row (L-R); Dr. Kristine Marbell-Pierre (Head of GIS Counselling Department) Mrs. Martha Annor (Principal's Administrator) Madam Mrs. Karen Hendrickson (Marketing & P.R. Director -CHFG), Mr. Aryee (Beneficiary’s father), Mrs. Jacqui Ahomka-Lindsay (President & Fundraiser -CHFG), Dr. Mary Ashun (Principal of GIS), Mrs. Efua Appiah Oku, Assistant Counsellor, Primary School, Mrs. Donna Gordon- Apeagyei (VicePrincipal, Infant School) and Mrs Michelle Atta-Mills (GIS Finance Manager) Front Row (L-R) Kwabena Duffour and Yaa Nyantakyiwaa Sarkodee

To our ever dynamic Secondary School students who organized “Have A Heart Week” to raise funds for Daniel, we say Ayekoo!!! Well done! We could not have done this without each other.

Daniel's get well soon, card made by Junior School Pupils


Together we can

Olivia LecossonGIS Meets $8000 Target For Daniel Nii Ayi Aryee’s Heart Surgery
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Congrats GIS! We are a National asset!

Congratulations to our GIS Class of 2015 who just graduated from KNUST College of Health Sciences and the University of Ghana Medical school :

Doctor of Pharmacy (KNUST)

Ohui Agbettor

Ivy Acquaye  

Doctor of Dentistry (KNUST)

Wehpia Kabonnabah

Medical Doctor ( University Of GH Medical school )

Stephanie Stephens

Afrakoma Kyeremanten

Medical Doctor (KNUST )

Neeta Parsram  

Denise Osafo 

We are a National asset!!! Congratulations to our former students. All the way from Infant School to Upper Secondary…From counting blocks and sorting shells and today they are now saving lives!!!


Ivy Acquaye Doctor of Pharmacy (KNUST)

Afrakomako Kyeremanten University Of GH Medical school

Wehpia Kabonnabah Doctor of Dentistry (KNUST)

Ohui Agbettor Doctor of Pharmacy (KNUST)

Stephanie Stephens Medical Doctor ( University Of GH Medical school )

Neeta Parsram Medical Doctor (KNUST )

Denise Osafo Medical Doctor (KNUST )

Olivia LecossonCongrats GIS! We are a National asset!
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GIS Career Opportunities for the 2022/2023 Academic Year

Do you wish to be a part of the GIS team?

Then please refer to the posters below for further information and submit your applications via

Kindly note that interested and qualified candidates are to submit a cover letter, recent CV with details of two (2) referees to: not later than 31st January 2022. ONLY shortlisted applicants will be contacted.
GIS continues to provide a dynamic environment where staff have the opportunity to demonstrate excellence in a safe multicultural environment! Join us, together we can!
Olivia LecossonGIS Career Opportunities for the 2022/2023 Academic Year
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Seasonal appeal is for eleven (11) year old Daniel Nii Ayi Aryee

As you may be aware, GIS has a history of collaborating with the Children’s Heart Foundation Ghana to raise money to enable needy children with hole-in-heart conditions to have life-saving operations. For the past sixteen (16) years, we have raised money to sponsor at least one child each year.
This year, our seasonal appeal is for eleven (11) year old Daniel Nii Ayi Aryee. He has had the first stage Palliative Modified Blalock-Taussig Shunt and is now due for full repair of the defect.
Daniel Nii Ayi Aryee will require the equivalent of Eight Thousand US Dollars (US$8,000.00) to undergo the surgery, anaesthesia, intensive care, and ward stay.
Let us all give the gift of life this festive season. Kindly donate in support of Daniel Nii Ayi Aryee! All donations should be received by Monday, 6th December 2021. For further information on how to donate, kindly refer to the poster below.
Olivia LecossonSeasonal appeal is for eleven (11) year old Daniel Nii Ayi Aryee
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Congratulations to Junior School Prefects

Congratulations to the newly elected Junior School Prefects. 

We commend your efforts as young leaders and we wish you all the best as we look forward to seeing you grow in your various roles. 

A very big thank you to the Junior School Vice Principal, Ms Nadia Bruce- Muller, her team of excellent teachers and staff and proud parents for encouraging our young leaders to step up to the plate.  Well done and Ayekoo to one and all! Leadership is a unique and rare quality that needs to be encouraged and it takes a brave heart to assume that position!

Olivia LecossonCongratulations to Junior School Prefects
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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Every October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and this gives us an opportunity to spread awareness about the disease that kills nearly 41,000 women each year globally.

Each year, in October, led by our Health and Wellness Team, Ghana International School celebrates Breast Cancer Awareness by educating the community, distributing pink ribbons and conducting breast screening exercises for interested staff. 

Today’s breast screening exercise was successfully organized in collaboration with Health Net Hospital. The exercise had both men and women from our community trooping in to have their breasts examined. Not only did everyone leave with a smile on their faces, but they were also treated to healthy packs of fruits.

Thank you to our Health and Wellness team for this wonderful initiative.

Meet our Health and Wellness Team L-R; Mrs. Jacqueline Korankye-Ankrah, Mrs. Agnes Owusu, Mrs. Ablerta Hayford, Mrs. Evelyn Setordji, Mrs. Massah Awandare

Assisted by one of the health practitioners from Health Net Hospital, GIS Participants tick their names off the screening exercise registration form.

Participants waiting to be screened

Mrs. Donna Gordon-Apeagyei also picks up her fruit package after her screening.

Mrs. Evelyn Setordji hands over a bag of fruits to Ms. Bruce-Muller, VP Junior School (Left) and Mrs. Yvonne Kufour (right)

Olivia LecossonBreast Cancer Awareness Month
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Welcome back to school!

This year, we are returning to school to do what we do best: teach so that children learn to be the best version of themselves. It’s been an eventful first week of school so far and we say a very warm welcome once again to our new and existing families, staff members and our entire GIS Community.
Olivia LecossonWelcome back to school!
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 JOY Shreyas

Nickname(s): Chef, Shrey Shrey, SJAIR, Captain “ please give me free business class tickets when you become a pilot” Joy, 

Nationality : International. Indian by birth.

Favourite Catchphrase/saying: What’s up my driller |That sounds like a personal problem | Game. Game. Game | Are you ready for the [ Insert Subject ] test? | Bro, (Followed by any sentence)

Favourite Class: Art [Lower Secondary] Geography [Form 4 & 5] Business [L/U 6]

Favourite Form : Form 3. Blissful madness.

Favourite staff member: Monsieur Abloso, Mr. Ewusie and the entire IT department

Favourite spot: The Common room (during non-peak hours when students aren’t acting all bonkers)

Most embarrassing moment: Recalling how much of a headache I was to my teachers and friends in the Junior School and the time in form 3 when I offered a friend a MASSIVE compensation of ONE cedi after accidentally whacking them with the full force of a spinning fidget spinner.

Four words that describe you: I am Shreyas Joy

Your GIS experience in one word: Turbulent

Best GIS memories: Countless memories were made along the way. From being the MC for initiation and hiding from the Upper Sixers in form one, the bottle flip championships in form two, the exciting geography trips (chances the first and second) and jamming to “The Longest Time” by Billy Joel with the SJD crew in form three, being on the swim team in form four, playing UNO by the poolside in form five and prefectship in lower six.

Where you think you will be 10 years from now: Exploring the world and soaring the skies, commanding the Dreamliner and living the dream.

That One person who inspired you during your time in GIS: WE ARE YOUR INSPIRATION!!! – Khushk and Sam wrote this (Lies) (jk). Though, shout-out to Monsieur Abloso. He was a major morale booster, and it will be really difficult to forget his vibrant charm and jovial nature.     

Best lesson GIS taught you: ”Whatever happens, Life. Goes. On”

What you want to be remembered for at GIS: Being a “Joy” to be around

Greatest achievement while at GIS: | Honour roll | GISMUN Best Delegate | Swimming Gold Medalist | GIS newsletter artist and auditorium concept designer: are today’s featured ESPY achievement highlights of captain chef SJ, brought to you by ESPN.

Best advice while at GIS and who gave it? : “Don’t rush through” – Ms. Codjoe

What you will tell your 13-year-old self knowing what you know now: Tough time never lasts. Only tough people last. – famous saying of Mr. Demi Demi

A song that best describes your entire GIS experience: OneRepublic – Kids

Any last words: CUT! That’s a wrap for Season One, good show guys ! Season Two episode one rolling, film check, sound check, Lights, Camera, Action!

Social media/contact information: The Gram: sjair_   but you can Google me in a few years.


Olivia Lecosson JOY Shreyas
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