Co-Curricular Activities

The Co- Curricular Activities Programme at GIS is an integral part of the School’s educational offer and its understanding of providing holistic education competencies for the 21st Century.  The programme is carried out through a number of clubs, each with a teacher as a Patron.  Every student selects a club which he or she participates in fully throughout the academic year. Clubs may be changed once in any  year.

The diversity of clubs available ensures that students have a broad school experience by the time they exit GIS.  Over the years we have been immensely pleased by the effect that our programme has had on our students as they have acquired important life skills like:

  1. Organisation and Leadership Skills
  2. Care and Concern for the Community
  3. Public Speaking and Presentation Skills
  4. Good Sportsmanship
  5. Entrepreneurial Skills
  6. Vocational and Problem Solving
  7. Creative Arts Skills

The Co-curricular Activities may include a selection from the following:

  1. Art Appreciation
  2. Athletics
  3. Badminton
  4. Baseball
  5. Chess
  6. Choir
  7. Community Service (3 different clubs)
  8. Cookery
  9. Craft
  10. Cricket
  11. Dance club
  12. Drama
  13. Entrepreneur
  14. Environment club
  15. Fencing
  16. Film appreciation
  17. French
  18. Keep Fit/Aerobics

20.Maths Appreciation
21. Martial Arts
22. Model United Nations (MUN)
23. Music/School Band
24. Pencils of Promise
25. Photography and Video
26. Robotics
27. Rotary
28. Rube Goldberg
29. Rugby
30. Sign Language
31. Spoken Word
32. Swimming
33. Table Tennis
34. Tennis (Lawn)
35. Writing club
36. Yearbook club

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