Sustainable forms of Art

At a recently organized special assembly, the Art Department (Students and Teachers), displayed their creativity by exhibiting a mosaic piece to the admiration of all. Different sizes and colours of used bottle tops and plastics were exquisitely glued onto a rectangular board and transformed into a lovely work of art for the viewing pleasure of all.

Even though the department was inspired by Denise Hughes Murals and Paintings, this particular concept was derived through a critical thinking process by both students and teachers who were eager to display their creativity in a socially responsible manner. They used plastic which is very harmful to our environment due to its non-biodegradable properties.

In their presentation, they raised awareness about the effects of plastics on the environment, the importance of recycling and encouraged everyone to donate more plastic tops to be used for future sustainable forms of art such as what they had created.

Over at our Primary section, our Infant School pupils also put together a beautifully designed Kente backdrop also made with water bottle tops. They were inspired by Mr. El anatsui, a renowned Ghanaian sculptor. Ms. Owu (Infant School Vice Principal) was delighted to show off the final artwork to parents at a special Ghana Day assembly last term.

A job well done to everyone! Let’s continue to display creativity, think critically, be disciplined, socially responsible, internationally minded and to communicate these efforts effectively #Recycle #SustainableFormsOfArt

The mosaic piece made with used plastic, designed by students and teachers of the Art Department.

‍Students and Teacher Mr. Sulemana Abdul Rauf (Art Teacher) present the finished piece to everyone at assembly. They also talk about the importance of recycling during their presentation

Ms. Owu (Infant School Vice Principal) shows off the final artwork put together by her infants to parents at a special Ghana Day assembly last term.

Olivia LecossonSustainable forms of Art

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