Our Reopening Continues!

A year ago today, the GIS Campus was shut down due to the pandemic but here we are; resilient and pressing on. We continue to seek a balanced approach to safe and efficient school reopening such as staggered entry, fewer cohorts on campus, and options given to students to study from home when instruction is scheduled. It is our hope that these measures will go a long way towards decreasing the obvious complexity of the current situation in which we all find ourselves.

As a school, we look forward to working with all our parents, students, and staff members towards understanding that it is our COLLECTIVE responsibility to follow all the safety protocols at school AND away from school in order to stay safe in the fight against this pandemic. We wish our students all the best as they complete their mid-year summative assessments. #YesWeCan

Off to ensure the MultiPurpose Court is ready to receive F1 students on their first day back. L-R :Akorfa Norvor Assistant Vice Principal- Lower Secondary, Mrs. Sheli Sonekan, IT Manager, Dr. Mary Ashun, Principal-GIS, Ms. Ida Abbeyquaye Vice Principal-Lower Secondary, and finally Dr. Kristine Marbell-Pierre- Head of Counseling

Students, socially distanced, observing safety protocols while working on their assessment.

Dr. Ashun, Principal of GIS takes a moment to observe Form one students as they go through their mid-year summative assessments

Olivia LecossonOur Reopening Continues!

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