Junior School’s Year 5 Pupil makes first Publication

During the summer break, Junior School’s Year 5 Pupil, Maame Adjoa Nduom published her first book.

The book ‘Adventurous Akosua’ was inspired by her passion for sanitation and social responsibility. 

In an interview with the GIS media and Communications Team, she explains how the main character in the book Akosua, goes around giving advice to people on how to keep Ghana clean. Maame was happy and excited to share her story with Ghana and the world especially because her aim to get the world to be a safer and cleaner environment is gradually being met.

Congratulations Maame! GIS is proud of you! We hope Maame’s story will inspire you to be socially responsible.

Maame Adjoa Nduom

Olivia LecossonJunior School’s Year 5 Pupil makes first Publication

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