Infant school pupil wins 2018 Glitz Africa Women’s Award

On 21st April 2018, 7 year old entrepreneur of Make Believe Dream, Kekeli Kwaw was given the 2018 Glitz Africa Women’s Award Honorary Mention. The event which was spurred on by the hashtag, Women Inspiring Women, hosted her as the youngest celebrant of the evening. She was awarded for being an inspiration to others and for her creativity. Upon receiving her award, Kekeli recalled feeling shy and confident at the same time. She was also excited to meet  many influential women in Ghana who support her initiative.

Kekeli’s incredible journey started after her father suffered a stroke. When they got to the Emergency Unit of the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, they were unable get the immediate care they needed to prevent her father from suffering a disability. The situation inspired her to start her own bead bracelet business.“I feel like helping my Dad. I will make and sell beads so I can get more money to help my Dad,” Kekeli said.

She carefully stringed an all white bead bracelet and included a single red bead to symbolize the blood clot or fatty deposit that blocks an artery supplying blood to the brain. Kekeli admitted “My interest in beading started in Class one. I was fascinated. I watched how teachers would thread the beads and tie the rope at the end.”

Her Mother Mrs. Kwaw believes that her daughter’s inspiration was based on teaching both Kekeli and her brother about the importance of earning points. “At home we encourage our kids to earn points to get certain privileges, so she decided to earn money by selling beads to help her father.”

Kekeli is passionate about effectively communicating the importance of the ‘Stroke Protocol F.A.S.T.’  in order to avoid disabilities in patients. She’s actively doing this through her Brand and Social Media Communications team. FAST is an acronym used as a mnemonic to help detect and enhance responsiveness to stroke victim needs. The acronym stands forFacial Drooping (A section of the face, usually on one side droops and becomes hard to move), Arm weakness, Speech difficulties and Time to call emergency services.

Her first teacher at GIS, Mrs. Donna Gordon-Apeagyei recalls Kekeli having very good personal, social and emotional skills at nursery. “She had natural leadership skills and was very polite. She was an all-rounder. The thing that stood out for me about her was her ability to think about the needs of others. One day, i witnessed her doing up someone’s shoes. She is amazing.”

Ms. Owu, Vice Principal of Infant school also confirmed Kekeli as being an amazing little girl who is positive, kind, thoughtful and open minded with a vibrant personality. “She has always had a can do spirit. She has a heart of gold, thinks about others and is a peacemaker who enjoys bringing people together.”

Today, with the support of family and friends, both mother and daughter work with nurses and officials at the Korle Bu Stroke Unit. They believe doing little things to help, such as donating bed sheets, writing boards and curtains, for the hospital will go a long way to enhancing hospital efficiency and saving lives.

One of our educational objectives is to prepare our students to become responsible, creative, self reliant and productive members of the global community.We are thrilled to provide many learning opportunities which constantly promote positive personal values in our students.

We at GIS are extremely proud of you Kekeli, for showing such initiative! We wish you and your family all the best!

7 year old entrepreneur Kekeli Kwawu

From Left to Right; Ms. Gomashie (Former Deputy Minister for Tourism), Kekeli Kwao and Mrs. Nana Oye Lithur ( Former Minister for Gender, Children and Social Protection)

Kekeli Kwaw at the 2018 Glitz Africa Women’s Award ceremony with Ms. Doreen Andoh an award-winning Ghanaian radio personality.

Kekeli's carefully designed white bead bracelet with a single red bead which symbolizes the blood clot or fatty deposit that blocks an artery supplying blood to the brain.

Olivia LecossonInfant school pupil wins 2018 Glitz Africa Women’s Award

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