Infant School celebrates 2021 Rare Diseases Day

Our Infant School recently celebrated Rare Diseases Day in a different way this year.

In the past, the entire Infant School community would come out together dressed in white tops, a pair of blue jeans and have either their hands or faces painted to show their love and support for people and children living with rare diseases in Ghana and around the world.

This year, inspired by the Zebra, the day was celebrated virtually with a Zebra Photo Challenge. The Zebra represents all people living with a rare disease, hence, everyone took a picture wearing or holding something with black and white zebra stripes.  The children also created lovely black and white patterned posters to show their support. 

The idea behind this initiative emerged from the fact that horses and zebras sound the same when you hear them walk until you draw a little closer and then realize the distinct disparity.

Similarly, children with rare diseases look the same as other children, but when you take a closer look, you will find out that they are special.

Sadly, there are 300 million people living with a rare disease worldwide. Let’s continue to create awareness and show others we care through our actions.  Well done Infant School! # RareDiseasesDay2021 #GhaIntSchCares #GISShowsLove #WeCare #Support #ShowCare

Olivia LecossonInfant School celebrates 2021 Rare Diseases Day

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