Happy Teacher Appreciation Day!

Dear Teachers,
Today is your special day and we at GIS would like to appreciate you for all your hard work and for adding value to our learning experiences every single day.

As you continue to meet the educational needs of students and ensure that teaching and learning continue to remain relevant, please know that we all are who we are today because you played a key part in that journey. Today, we honour you and the lives you’ve touched.
To all our teachers in the Infant School, Junior School, Lower and Upper Secondary School, we wish you Happy Teacher Appreciation Day! We appreciate you!

Mrs. Thelma Ward, listens to pupils as they share their thoughts in her English class.

Mr. Graham Wallis helping Junior School pupils in his ICT Class

Mrs. Donna Gordon-Apeagyei with Infant School nursery pupils in a fun learning activity

Ms. Vanessa Staver, Infant School Art Teacher helping pupils express their creative skills through painting.

Mr. Brown, Social Studies teacher allows Upper Secondary students to make a presentation while he sits to listen.

Olivia LecossonHappy Teacher Appreciation Day!

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