GIS wins Pi memorization contest

March 14, 2018, had selected students of GIS participate in a Pi day event. The Pi memorization contest pushed students to stretch themselves by memorizing as many digits as possible. Our students were absolutely sensational on the day.

The results are as follows; 4th place in the competition went to Krsna Jagtiani (Form 2) with 110 digits of pi memorized. 3rd place honors went to Leilani Rawlings (Form 2) with 223 digits. 2nd place with a recital of 277 digits went to Simran Karamchandani (Form 2) And the winning recital and 1st place in the competition went to Form 1 student Danica Damoah with a recital of 334 places of Pi. Kudos to teachers in the Math Department who encouraged and cheered them on and congratulations to our students who did an amazing job. Well done!

FeliciaGIS wins Pi memorization contest

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