GIS Marks Global Climate Strike Day

September 20th marks the beginning of a week-long #ClimateChange campaign. It’s #GlobalClimateStrike day and even though students were unable to leave school, they still joined people around the world to protest the lack of action by our political leaders regarding climate change. Students used their break time to demonstrate within the secondary school grounds.
During their ‘A’ Level Economics class, students discussed environmental destruction as a consequence of development because construction, industrial activities, and mining can pollute the air, poison our water bodies and destroy our forests. With support from their Teachers, they were keen on being a part of this campaign.
Let’s continue to do whatever it takes to draw attention to the need to save our environment.
Let’s be more conscious and environmentally aware.
If it cannot be reused, then we must refuse!
Let’s reduce the number of plastics we use in order to make the environment better for the future.

Olivia LecossonGIS Marks Global Climate Strike Day

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