GIS’ Head Girl Abena Asare-Konadu Donates Recycled Books

In line with our Key Attribute for the 2019-2020 Academic Year –Social Responsibility, GIS’ Head Girl Abena Asare-Konadu along with Edem Bleboo spent their summer holidays making a total of 130 new exercise books out of recycled paper.

Cultivating a habit of recycling in our students is essential. Our goal is to encourage them to recognize the need to protect, sustain, and regard the environment as their inheritance and responsibility. 

Last term, Abena and Edem found many unused pages in old exercise books during a community service clean up exercise organized by the school. Instead of disposing of all the unused sheets, they decided to recycle the sheets into mini booklets and donate them to the Kotobabi 13 School in Maamobi. They partnered with members of the GIS Kotobabi 13 Club (K13 Club) and Mrs. Samantha Hayfron (GIS Math Teacher and K13 club coordinator) to make the donation.

Well done for coming up with this wonderful initiative, Abena and Edem! We hope that by this rendered act of kindness, others will be encouraged. A very big thank you to all. Let’s continue to be impactful and socially responsible citizens.

Olivia LecossonGIS’ Head Girl Abena Asare-Konadu Donates Recycled Books

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