Celebrating Excellence

One of our educational objectives at GIS is to offer students opportunities to develop lively, enquiring minds and independent thinking abilities. On Monday 19th November 2018, we celebrated excellence in academics by congratulating all our current Lower 6 Formers who in their IGCSE’s received grades of 6As and above.

Because we believe that educational excellence must not be limited to just academics but should be extended to other essential life skills, non-academic talents or interests, we provide a holistic approach to education, offer many creative opportunities through various co-curricular programmes and have seen our students shine across all sections of our school. We do this by celebrating and encouraging students who do exceptionally well in academics, sports, music, art, and drama.

We say kú isé (which means well done in Yoruba) to our brilliant teachers whose work is a testament to the achievement of our students. We could not have made it this far without your tireless dedication and hard work. We appreciate you.

Lower 6th Formers who did exceptionally well with the Principal, Secondary School Vice-Principals and Teachers.

Olivia LecossonCelebrating Excellence

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