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On Friday 20th April 2018, after strong winds and lightly scattered showers, Kojo Nyame Appiah and Malak Aly both Form 1 students, spotted a helpless stranded bird as they took a stroll on campus after school.The bird was found weak, unable to fly and in deep distress. They quickly took a broadleaf from the garden and placed it over the bird to keep it safe and warm. Still upset by what had happened, Kojo informed Mrs. van der Pujie, a Secondary School Teacher, about the incident and took her to see the bird. She helped put the bird in a dry place and assured him it will be fine.

Together with Malak and Angelica Joseph (another Form 1 student), the three acted as a ‘Wildlife Rescue Team’ to save the helpless bird. Angelica suggested taking the bird home after speaking to her parents who approved of her decision.

Although our students did their very best to keep the bird alive, it passed away the following morning.

“It kept hiccuping and flying back and forth in the car on the way home. It seemed to be gaining back its strength.

I named it Tiger. My parents helped to take care of her and we made sure she was hydrated and fine which she

was until this morning when she died,” said Angelica.

At GIS, one of our six important attributes is to be socially responsible. Therefore students are encouraged to demonstrate empathy, fairness, peaceful coexistence and respect for human life as well as the environment. We believe gradually instilling such values will shape them into valuable global citizens in the future. We are proud to know that these values are gradually becoming a part of their lives. Well done to our “Wildlife Rescue Team”! #BeSociallyResponsible #GhaIntSchCares  

Mrs. van der Pujie, a GIS Secondary Teacher listens to Kojo as he tells her about the bird and shows her its state.‍

Meet our Form 1 “Wildlife Rescue Team” from left to right; Angelica Joseph, Kojo Nyame Appiah and Malak Aly.

Olivia LecossonBe Socially Responsible

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