Guiding Statements

Our Motto

“Understanding of each other”

Our Vision

“A highly respected school, locally and internationally recognised, providing excellent education in a multicultural setting that produces responsible global citizens”

Our Mission

“To provide an internationally diverse school experience that instills an understanding of each other, promotes holistic development, life skills and learning through a rigorous curriculum that meets international standards”

Our Educational Objectives

1. To maintain a high academic standard that:

  • Delivers a broad curriculum that draws from various teaching methods, with English as the language of instruction;
  • Offers the students opportunities to develop lively, enquiring minds and independent thinking;
  • Encourages participation in co-curricular activities;
  • Provides opportunities and encouragement for the professional development of staff;
  • Identifies and meets the needs of students, except when student(s) special educational needs cannot be met within the school’s resources;
  • Keeps abreast of trends in education and ensures that the curriculum remains relevant and dynamic.

2. To promote positive personal values that:

  • Cultivate integrity in students;
  • Prepare students to become responsible, creative, self reliant and productive members of the global community;
  • Encourage effective teamwork;
  • Foster a lifelong love of learning.

3. To ensure understanding of and respect for diversity that:

  • Provides students with opportunities to share their cultures to promote ‘understanding of each other’;
  • Promotes knowledge and understanding of Ghana;
  • Promotes respect for other cultures, beliefs, nationalities, gender and persons with different abilities.

4. To develop a positive educational facility that:

  • Provides a nurturing, secure, clean and friendly learning environment where students can grow intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically;
  • Provides sufficient resources to create and maintain a stimulating learning environment.

5. To promote understanding of and participation in global concerns that:

  • Encourage students to regard the natural world as their inheritance and their responsibility;
  • Recognise the need to protect and sustain the local and global environment;
  • Foster a fundamental understanding of and respect for the rights and freedom of each individual in our community and the wider world in the spirit of the UN Declaration of Human Rights;
  • Encourage each student’s participation in community service.

Adopted: May 2012

Revised: January, 2013

(Last Revised: January, 2015)

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