Pradhyoth Rao

Nickname(s): Prado, Barry Allen, Flash, Fastest

Nationality : Indian

Favourite Catchphrase/saying: “We move innit”

Favourite Class: 6 Flamboyant

Favourite Form : Form 3

Favourite staff member: Mr. Paul Baffoe

Favourite spot: Waiting area in front of the swimming pool

Most embarrassing moment: Going to the wrong room during the Kumasi trip in Class 6

Four words that describe you: Introvert, Intelligent, Kind, Observant

Your GIS experience in one word: Memorable

Best GIS memories: Kumasi trip, being called for Honor Roll during Speech and Prize giving day, making new friends, mentoring new students, GISMUN, and Form 2 Leadership program.

Where you think you will be 10 years from now: Working in my own company as a cybersecurity expert, creating solutions to keep sensitive data private and protected to prevent any hackers from exploiting said information.

That One person who inspired you during your time GIS: Mrs. Baah

Best lesson GIS taught you: To be kind and understanding of the next person and to always look for ways to achieve your goals, big or small.

What you want to be remembered for at GIS: Always helping and looking out for other people, being kind and mentoring new students. 

Greatest achievement while at GIS: Coming consistently on Honor Roll from Form 1 to Form 5 and being a mentor to new students. 

Best advice while at GIS and who gave it? : Always keep working and it will eventually pay off- Mr. Afeawo

What you will tell your 13-year-old self knowing what you know now: Life is going to be stressful but that shouldn’t be an excuse to give up as there is always a solution to every problem in life; moreover, there are people who can help you during these difficult times and you’ll be safe knowing that they got your back. 

A song that best describes your entire GIS experience: Power by Kanye West

Any last words: Ad Mellora- Towards better things

Social media/contact information: @pradhyothrao [Instagram]

Olivia LecossonPradhyoth Rao
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