Celebrating World Book Day-2021

Today is World Book Day and to celebrate the day, our Junior School pupils along with the Library staff, dressed up in their favorite book character costume and engaged each other in the Virtual Learning Environment.
Olivia LecossonCelebrating World Book Day-2021
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We Made It Through Our First Week

We made it through our first week, staggering our pupils gradually onto the Primary School Campus under strict safety protocols and supervision. A big thank you to our Infant and Junior School VPs, Teachers, Administrators,  Security Staff, Parents and everyone for working together as a team to make this happen. Well done!

Security staff working hand in hand with parents on arrival to manage both drop-offs/pick-ups.

After a year of not being on campus, Parents were able to assure their children that everything was and is going to be fine. Primary School Nurses (Mrs. Alberta Hayford (L) and Mrs. Massah Awandare (R) were also available for the morning routine checks

Junior School VP-Ms. Nadia Bruce-Muller welcoming pupils back to school after a year of virtual learning.

Infant School VP, Mrs. Donna Gordon Apeagyei walks students through the Primary School gate

Teachers supervise as socially distanced students patiently waiting for their turn to wash their hands before they get into their classrooms


Teachers on standby to ensure that everything goes smoothly

Mr. Richard Agbettoh ( Security & Safety Assurance Manager) with his team ensures that drop offs and pickups are done swiftly and effectively to avoid traffic.

Mrs Alberta Hayford (School Nurse) along with other Primary School nurses make sure that every child who walks in has their temperature checked.

Pupils are excited to finally be in school.

Pupils all geared up and ready to learn and enjoy a safe learning environment.

Olivia LecossonWe Made It Through Our First Week
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Easing Back Slowly Onto Campus

A very big welcome back to school to our wonderful primary students as we ease back slowly onto campus!
We are ever so grateful for the incredible collaborative effort between School and Home that has gotten us this far.

Welcome back to School

We are ever so grateful for the incredible collaborative effort between School and Home that has gotten us this far

Knowing the power of adapting to changing circumstances makes such a difference.

Junior School Pupils are excited about finally being back in class after so long.

Students and teachers socially distanced within a teaching and learning environment

Year one pupil, masked up and ready to learn

Teachers constantly remind pupils to wash their hands before and after eating and in between activities to ensure that everyone is safe.

Staff ensuring that all safety protols are observed by pupils

Infant School pupils were nicely spaced out within a well ventilated area to enjoy their lunch time under strict supervision.

Ergonomically designed hand washing areas were put in place for the efficient running of all safety protocols.

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better”. Maya Angelou

Teachers continue to encourage pupils to do their best

Our Primary School Nurses (L-R Ms. Nora Asante ,Mrs. Massah Awandare and Mrs. Alberta Hayford) happy and ready to professionally attend to every pupil on campus.

We continue to find innovative, creative and safe ways to engage our pupils.

Teachers continue to be the backbone of all that we deliver

Olivia LecossonEasing Back Slowly Onto Campus
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Our Reopening Continues!

A year ago today, the GIS Campus was shut down due to the pandemic but here we are; resilient and pressing on. We continue to seek a balanced approach to safe and efficient school reopening such as staggered entry, fewer cohorts on campus, and options given to students to study from home when instruction is scheduled. It is our hope that these measures will go a long way towards decreasing the obvious complexity of the current situation in which we all find ourselves.
Olivia LecossonOur Reopening Continues!
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Infant School celebrates 2021 Rare Diseases Day

Our Infant School recently celebrated Rare Diseases Day in a different way this year.

In the past, the entire Infant School community would come out together dressed in white tops, a pair of blue jeans and have either their hands or faces painted to show their love and support for people and children living with rare diseases in Ghana and around the world.

Olivia LecossonInfant School celebrates 2021 Rare Diseases Day
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Congrats Sena Asimenu, For Making It To The Spelling Bee Final!

Sena Asimenu, one of our own students in Class 5 Meranti of the Junior School participated in the most recent edition of The Spelling Bee and went all the way to the Finals. Congratulations Sena! You have made us proud! Keep soaring!

Olivia LecossonCongrats Sena Asimenu, For Making It To The Spelling Bee Final!
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