Infant school pupil wins 2018 Glitz Africa Women’s Award

On 21st April 2018, 7 year old entrepreneur of Make Believe Dream, Kekeli Kwaw was given the 2018 Glitz Africa Women’s Award Honorary Mention. The event which was spurred on by the hashtag, Women Inspiring Women, hosted her as the youngest celebrant of the evening. She was awarded for being an inspiration to others and for her creativity. Upon receiving her award, Kekeli recalled feeling shy and confident at the same time. She was also excited to meet  many influential women in Ghana who support her initiative.

Olivia LecossonInfant school pupil wins 2018 Glitz Africa Women’s Award
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Ayekoo to our amazing Gardeners

One of our educational objectives as a school is to provide a nurturing, secure, clean and friendly learning environment where students can grow intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically.

Olivia LecossonAyekoo to our amazing Gardeners
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Sustainable forms of Art

At a recently organized special assembly, the Art Department (Students and Teachers), displayed their creativity by exhibiting a mosaic piece to the admiration of all. Different sizes and colours of used bottle tops and plastics were exquisitely glued onto a rectangular board and transformed into a lovely work of art for the viewing pleasure of all.

Olivia LecossonSustainable forms of Art
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Be Socially Responsible

On Friday 20th April 2018, after strong winds and lightly scattered showers, Kojo Nyame Appiah and Malak Aly both Form 1 students, spotted a helpless stranded bird as they took a stroll on campus after school.The bird was found weak, unable to fly and in deep distress. They quickly took a broadleaf from the garden and placed it over the bird to keep it safe and warm. Still upset by what had happened, Kojo informed Mrs. van der Pujie, a Secondary School Teacher, about the incident and took her to see the bird. She helped put the bird in a dry place and assured him it will be fine.

Olivia LecossonBe Socially Responsible
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