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Legitimately Pink
Ellis Brown and Amanda Bosso, Winners of the 2017 Mr. & Miss GIS Pageant, present a donation of GH¢ 4,648.05 on behalf of the Secondary School to Mrs. Akua Osaebea, a Breast Cancer Patient.

On Friday the 13th of October 2017, the campus of the Ghana International School was engulfed in an ocean of tender red, blushing pink, and snowy white colors in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The pink vanity of many showed through the pinned rosy ribbons found on their prepped chests as they strode through the vast hallways of the school.

By way of showing a sense of awareness, every member of the GIS family was encouraged to make a heartfelt donation towards the fundraiser with the intention of helping a local breast cancer patient in need.

To kickstart the day, the student body was captivated by a breast cancer awareness briefing, courtesy of Mrs. Juliette Mills Lutterodt - A Breast Cancer survivor and the President/Founder of “Pink for Africa, A Breast Cancer Foundation” - who told us moving stories of breast cancer patients around the world.

Breast Cancer Awareness day, dubbed “Pink Day”, is an amazing fundraising event to generate awareness of breast cancer in the warm community of Ghana International School. It is used as a chance to highlight the importance of one’s health, hence enlightening us all about the need for a healthy and caring life. This academic year's Breast Cancer Awareness day was another successful event. The ambassadors of our school, Mr. & Miss GIS, hope to keep inspiring the future generations of Ghana International School students of the importance of this day, as it has done in the previous years.

To crown the fruitful fundraiser off, on the sunlit morning of the 10th of February, 2017, our current Mr. & Miss. GIS, Ellis Brown and Amanda Bosso, were successfully able to donate a total sum of GH¢ 4,648.05 to the grateful breast cancer patient by the name of Mrs. Akua Osaebea on behalf of the entire GIS community. Mrs. Osaebea showed a tremendous amount of gratitude that warmed the hearts of our School family.

Written by Ellis Brown (GIS Head Boy) and Yumiko Tan-Okyere 

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