Announcement: Term 2 begins on Monday 9th January 2017!
Ghana International School (GIS) Community raises GHS 67,000 to sponsor two heart surgeries
From the left , Representatives from the Children’s Heart Foundation, Heart Surgery beneficiaries; Queendala and Eyram accompanied by their families and Management Team of GIS  

At a special GIS Assembly, funds raised for the appeal for Eyram Ekpe to have his heart operation were handed over to the Children's Heart Foundation. Thanks to the benevolence of parents, students, teachers and friends of GIS, a total of GHS 67,000 was raised.

This means that two children will benefit from heart surgeries during this festive season. The ceremony was attended by both benefiting children; four year old Queendala and eight year old Eyram accompanied by their families, management, staff and students of GIS and  a delegation from the Children Heart’s Foundation,

A special thank you goes out to the entire GIS Community and friends for their support of our annual appeal and for saving two precious lives this festive season.

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