The belief that one’s own race is superior -RACISM

The belief that one’s own race is superior- RACISM                   

They all hoped for it to stop, for it to just end once and for all, for it to never come back again and hurt them even more than last time! It was enough!

They did not want to feel unequal anymore, they did not want to be brutally treated each and every day, they did not want to be labelled because this was not the life that they had asked for, this wasn’t the life they deserved. They were eager for a chance to be human again, they were eager for a chance to feel human again, Eager for a chance to have the RIGHT to feel the same because they believed that discrimination against skin colour and an accent was totally unnecessary.

It ached to think about it but they knew deep inside their hearts that it would never stop. That the world would never change.

Even after people like Frederick Douglass, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King JR sacrificed their entire lives working, trying to get people to understand and accept that what they were doing was wrong. Even after they spent an eternity in jail or had their lives as former slaves, people did not understand. Even when those people risked their lives to make the world a better place they did not understand. It didn’t stop then and it won’t stop now, until or unless people come together and discern the fact that what all those great personalities did was right, that what they lived for, worked for, died for, was a worldwide issue and it needed to stop. Racism needed to be stopped.

We are currently living in the 21st century and the people of today’s generation have worked hard to control their emotions towards the topic of Racism. It might start as small as teasing but it eventually turns into harassment. Because people do feel hurt when they walk past classmates and hear them talk about you and the way you dress, because it does hurt when people talk or act as if you were contagious when you walk in the corridor, because it does hurt when they have enough courage to stand up and answer a question, even if they hear slight giggles at the back of the classroom or people clearly trying to imitate the way the person speaks.  They don’t give much attention to it, even when the pain of racism is growing in their bodies day by day.

The existence of racism in the world is undeniable, so let’s work together to make GHANA and GIS a better place, SAY NO TO RACISM !!!!!!

   -Shanvi Verma-

     Form 1Q

Shanvi Verma, a Form 1 student shares her written piece at assembly

GISThe belief that one’s own race is superior -RACISM

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